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Whether Trump administration can change the situation in the Middle East

LNG import 0 years presence dependence on the Middle East small ... When the President of the United States to change, a big change occurs in the policy side. Trying to wake a lot of change and Donald Trump next president. Its regrettable one in is that TPP (Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement) from being sealed. TPP has revolutionized the intellectual property rights, was supposed to lead to a reduction of tariff and non-tariff barriers. In the future, toward the revival of TPP, possibility gear is reversely rotated is low. [It should be welcome change] also can occur Although the terms of the Middle East policy, Trump administration is likely to cause a change should be welcome. Middle East policy by both the administration of George Bush and Barack Obama prior to the Trump regime is nice to say that ended in failure. The Bush administration invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama administration was allowed to withdraw US troops from Iraq. Obama had recognizes the importance of the United States continue to have a certain influence in Iraq, but it was waist to the United States of involvement expansion in the Middle East.

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