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It requires attention of situation, the economy new movement (Middle East)

LNG import 0 years presence dependence on the Middle East small ... JETRO month, under the auspices of Britain Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was held in London [0-year political and economic outlook seminar (Middle East ed.)]. Dubai, described Tehran, Riyadh, Istanbul JETRO office length and the staff members are for each of the political and economic trends and promising industry. Potential of the region is high Masami Ando director of the Dubai office, together with an overview of the entire Northeast Africa (MENA) region middle, and explain the latest situation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market. As a characteristic of the MENA market, that the similarities can be seen based on Islam. In addition, it boasts a population growth rate of world-class to suppress the Asian countries, the greater the potential for market expansion. Led by Saudi Arabia, while still having a large influence on the energy policy of the world, and multipolarity of the region to progress, attention is gather the national trend. Such a medium, and in recent years it has come up with a vision that oil-producing countries such as the UAE and Bahrain is aiming to break away from the resource dependency.

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