LNG import 0 years presence dependence on the Middle East small ...

New Year's Eve [Middle East] is full of problems dangerous also 0 years

LNG import 0 years presence dependence on the Middle East small ... Saudi also Syria also problem is not tidy Middle East situation facing the geopolitical risk, shake the crude oil market, it is directly linked to gasoline prices. In 0 years, civil war in Syria and in the final phase, the United States of Donald Trump administration has upset the economic sanctions re-activated and has been economically stymied by Iran, prominent Saudi journalist, in Jamarukashogi's murder Saudi Arabia has been making noise as a topic around the Middle East. Trump president at the end of the year is suddenly, and expressed the withdrawal policy of the United States troops that have been stationed in Syria. By withdrawal, there is also concern about the threat to relapse of the extremist organization [Islamic State] (IS), is also likely the turbulent including 0 years. Depending on the accidental collision and misjudgment 0 focus and will likely themes in years, continue to 0 years, hegemony conflict in the Middle East by Iran and Saudi Arabia tangled conflict between the Muslim sects, Israel and Iran to collision of the Lebanon and Syria on the stage, withdraw American troops it deployment of Syria civil war after.

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